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St Peters Church Molash United Kingdom

26 September 2023 bezocht

Begon meteen goed met de taxussen. Prachtige plek Ze zijn over 2000 jaar oud.  Van de een naar de ander. Geweldig. Er zijn er 6 geloof ik. Prachtige stokoude taxussen. En daar sta je dan tussen de tijdloze bomen. De wereld was heel anders toen ze nog jong waren en ik nog niets was.

The Molash Yews provided the inspiration for the following poem, published in Cavalier Lyrics: ‘for
church and crown’ published in 1887.

Under the Molash Yew
Under the Molash Yews,
When Spring flowers come again, are children sporting,
While youthful lovers linger, coyly courting ;
So sweetly dream they of their future days,
So brightly sunshine on the green turf plays,
None can a smile refuse,
Under our Molash Yews.
Under the Molash Yews,
Summer brings back again, for rest and pleasure,
Our parted wayfarers, in scanty leisure ;
Leaning on rustic stile, sighing, they wonder
What worthless spell had held them long asunder.
No worldly cares confuse
Under our Molash Yews.
Under the Molash Yews,
When Autumn fills the harvest-fields with labour,—
When Hop-grounds ring with mirth, till pipe and tabor
Sound in the early twilight through green lanes,
Where mothers homeward haste, counting their gains :
Soft fall the chilly dews,
Under our Molash Yews.
Under the Molash Yews,
When Winter snow has hush'd the busy village,
And bound the fields from every tread and tillage,
One darken'd grave 'mid the white mounds doth wait
The wearied Pilgrim, borne to the Lych-gate :
Earth claims her wonted dues,
Under the Molash Yews.
© Tim Hills - Ancient Yew Group - 2019